Sile just 70 kilometers from Istanbul. The widespread sandy beaches and the ruins of a Genoese castle draw visitors year round. Most of the beaches offer changing rooms, toilets and restaurants, and there is a fairly wide range of hotels and pensions, and in summer they are best booked in advance. Buses leave Istanbul regularly from the Harem bus station.

It is a delightful holiday center, close to Istanbul, offering excellent fish restaurants and hotels. The Åžile highway is almost completed however the remainder of the road is narrow and very crowded on weekends.

There is also a very nice picnic area, which belongs to the municipality, on the entrance to the district. If you turn left before the entrance to Şile and drive for about 2 km you’ll arrive at Kumbaba (Sand Father). This is a camping area with a marvelous beach and fine sand where you can find changing cabins, showers, toilettes and a small buffet selling refreshments and sandwiches.

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  1. Deniz, Kum ve Güne?!

    ??te sizlere, ?stanbulun hemen yan?ba??nda dinlenebilece?iniz, keyifli saatler geçirebilece?iniz, ?efin sizler için haz?rlad??? lezzetli menüleri, dj e?li?inde günün her an?nda içinizi ?s?tan güzel müzikleri ile, sabah?n erken saatlerinden itibaren gününüzü dolu dolu ya?ayabilece?iniz, Önce Kaliteli Hizmet ve Mü?teri Memnuniyeti anlay??? ile 2001 y?l?ndan bu yana hizmet veren Aqua Beach ?ile’desiniz.

    ?stanbul’da Keyifli Bir Tatil!

    ?ehrin yorucu temposundan birgün olsun uzakla?mak, denizin ve yaz?n tad?n? ç?kartmak isteyenler için y?llard?r de?i?meyen adres Aqua Beach, 1 km’yi a?an e?siz kumsal?, e?lence anlay???, yemekleri, plaj partileri, aktiveteleri ve kaliteli i?letmecili?i ile Tatil Köyü rahatl???n? ?stanbullulara ya?at?yor. Sizde ?ehrin karma?as?ndan bir nebze uzakla?mak istiyorsan?z, Aqua Beach’i ziyaret etmelisiniz.

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