Kilyos is known for its beach resorts and has several beaches open to families as well as some catering to the party crowd. Located on the Black Sea, easily accessible from central Istanbul by city bus, minibus and ferries.

A delightful resort area on the European Black Sea shoreline that is only 35 km away from the city center. The road leading to Kilyos passes through the Belgrade Forest .

Kilyos has sandy beaches, comfortable hotels, motels and camping facilities. Besides the beaches there are small coves on the northeastern side of Kilyos. The bottom of the sea is rocky therefore families with small children may prefer the sandy beach locations. Sometimes-rough waves hit the coast.

In summer the beaches are packed and ideal for swimming but in fall and winter the weather is of course much cooler the beach takes on a more rugged feel. Enjoy the wild nature and watch the waves crash against the rocks while sipping on a cognac at one of the many hotel cafes.

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