Don’t know what to take with you for your up coming beach day out. Check out the latest gadgets for the beach or pool.

  • Waterproof camcorder

    cameraThe Sanyo’s Xacti CA65’s waterproof design lets you enjoy filming your family and friends at the beach or by the pool, without any worries about submerging the camera or getting it wet from rain or snow. You’ll have even more fun recording action that would be impossible to capture with other cameras. Sanyo’s waterproof CA65 features a beautiful, waterproof design, high quality video, and decent stills. click here for more info

  • Rolling Cooler/Audio System

    coolerThis portable cooler eliminates the need for you to carry both a cooler and a portable stereo system with you to the beach, lake, or while tailgating because it incorporates sound system into its frame. The outside has an AM/FM radio with two 3-watt speakers that fit into a removable nylon sleeve. The Igloo cooler holds up to 58 tall boy cans and the wheels mean your fun is easily portable. Click here for more info

  • Juice Bag Solar Beach Tote

    bagSpend the day at the beach while keeping your iPod, phone, or camera totally charged!
    Here is the world’s first heavy-duty solar beach tote that incorporates our high-tech flexible solar panel.
    With the Juice Bag Beach Tote, your phone is good to go, and your camera’s always ready for that one great shot – No matter how far you are from a power outlet. Click here for more info

  • Ego iPod Waterproof Sound Case

    ipodIf you want to take you iPod anywhere you wanna go, then make sure to pick up this case. Complete with battery-powered speakers, the $150 Ego is shatterproof, waterproof and has a rubber membrane that lets you control the player. Click here for more info.

  • Twister Beach Towel Game

    twisterForget Global warming, this summer the only thing raising temperatures on the beach is this all new . Twister is a game played by millions around the world but usually indoors…this summer we’re looking to have some fun in the sun as we get bendy on the beach. check here for more info

What are you favorite summer or beach gadgets and gizmos?