Dalia Beach Club

Dalia Beach Club

Dalia Beach Club

Dalia Beach Club is located near by Solar, on a small, breezy inlet of the Black Sea off the road ensures privacy for this upscale family club with an excellent fish restaurant attached. Dalia contains a small café and restaurant offering traditional Turkish fare with an emphasis on seafood. Rattan umbrellas and cushy lounge furniture is strewn across the bright green grass and on the small beach. Adventurous types can part-take in treks through the woods nearby or participate in games of beach volleyball.

This beach is for those who believe a day at the beach should be relaxing and tranquil. Though Dalia is spacious enough to guarantee a bit of privacy and green enough to delight even the most judgmental nature-lovers, you can still enjoy some physical activity if you so choose. There are areas designated for trekkers as well as paddleboats and canoes available for use; beachgoers can also partake in beach volleyball and surfing.

The food and drink options have also been thought out with care and attention; the breakfast menu is prepared with regional products (the feta cheese comes from Ezine, while the honey comes from Fethiye). The fish menu is also the perfect way to end your day. The Dalia Beach Café provides enough options to satisfy any palate. Make sure to browse the stands selling regional-natural village products.

Dalia’s entrance fee is 25TL during the week and 30TL on weekends.
(0212) 0212 204 03 68
Demirciköy, Kilyos

Open everyday from 08-18.00.

It’s 12 miles from Istanbul, between Kilyos and Demircikoy.

Dalia Beach Club
Dalya Mevkii
Kilyos Road
Demircikoy – SARIYER
Tel:+90 212 2040169

website: www.clubdalia.com

(a)-From “MASLAK” direction (particularly for those who would like to escape the traffic further)
As you fallow the road straight through to “SARIYER” there-prior to “HACIOSMAN” hill-are the traffic lights which allow you to turn left into the road leading to “BAHÇEKÖY” then by driving to turn of “GARANTÄ° KOZA” block of flats (ZEKARÄ°YAKÖY) that takes you to DEMÄ°RCÄ°KÖY via KÄ°LYOS
please also note that;if you fail to turn to “GARANTÄ° KOZA” block of flats, you ought to turn to “KÄ°LYOS” road as soon as you pass the military zone.Before you reach KÄ°LYOS, turn right to DEMÄ°RCÄ°KÖY (sign is available) 200 meters after the village our signs will be leading you to DALÄ°A BEACH CLUB

(b) From “SARIYER” Direction
As you drive straight to “KÄ°LYOS” road then turn to DEMÄ°RCÄ°KÖY that will easily lead you to DALÄ°A BEACH bay where the pleasure,joy,fun,sea and golden beach & excellent food are hidden


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